Cyberpunk City

Paint a stunning Cityscape with visual complexity and depth—using this simple, step-by-step project kit.

From blank canvas to finished product, this kit will walk you through every brush stroke, technique and philosophy behind these really cool effects. In addition to the working photoshop file and brush pack, this kit also includes a custom shape tool that will give you a ton of detail—quickly and easily.

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Paint complex and impressive Cityscapes

Elevate your portfolio with a visually impressive painting—that feels polished and professional.



What's Included

Jump right into design or take a look ‘under the hood’ by playing with the working PSD layers, settings, brushes and modes.

  • 1 year access to the complete, full length, step-by step tutorial

  • Works with Photoshop or Procreate

  • Full resolution files and working Photoshop files

  • Custom shape tool

  • Brush pack

Areas of Skill Development


  • Painting environments with detail
  • Creating atmospheric lighting effects
  • Using custom shape tools
  • Creating scale and continuity
  • Visual storytelling
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